episode forty-three: an artist takes a hiatus

may 2018.

new york.

a young actress has trouble getting seen at auditions.

she feels she isn't getting anywhere.

she decides to take a hiatus.

she spends more time outside.

she reflects.

she makes her website more colorful.

she feels better.

Elizabeth Couser
episode thirty-nine: an artist uses her hands

new york.

april 2018.

a young actress/director’s babysitting charge gets into balloon animals.

the actress makes a few misshapen mice.

she is scared of popping them.

she makes an okay dog.

she makes a great camel.

she texts pictures to her friends.

Elizabeth Couser
episode thirty-two: an artist teaches ballet

new york

february 2018

a young actress/director babysits a toddler who likes ballet

she gets amazon alexa to play the nutcracker 

she tries to do a pirouette

he attempts to copy her

he seems to think she is a good dancer

she is honored

Drawing (5).png
Elizabeth Couser